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The Fault in Our Stars national tour kicks off in New York City on Sunday, May 4th at 1:30pm EST. John Green and members of the cast will chat about the movie and announce the winning states of the Demand Our Stars tour.

To stream the event LIVE and watch it with nerdfighters in your area, register your own Tumblr Meet-up here. Make sure to include “TFIOS” in the “venue” line and register by Friday 4/25 to receive a kit full of Tumblr swag. (Meet-up kits for US meet-ups only)

World Book Night


Happy World Book Night! Today, givers around the country (in both the US and the UK) will be giving out books to reluctant readers. I’m going to be giving my copies of CODE NAME VERITY out at a local continuation high school’s English department.

This year, the organization has gone a step beyond and is offering a FREE ebook with stories from booksellers, librarians and authors, available for download at the link.


Kimberly and I are celebrating our 5 year blogging anniversary (!!!) with a huge giveaway at STACKED. We wanted to each pick 5 books that we’ve read in the past 5 years that have stuck with us in some way, and because we couldn’t narrow it down so much, we’re giving away 14 books, including 4 that are preorders. All are YA and cover everything from realistic fiction to humor to science fiction and fantasy. 

If anything, it’s a reflection of the STACKED flavor.

Good luck

Critical Linking: April 21, 2014


Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee. 

25 Essential Graphic Novels

I could do without the “essential” hyperbole, but this is a good list of graphic novels.


The planned biopic of Ian Fleming, the man of course who created James Bond 007, has had one or two bumps over the past few years. At one stage, Duncan Jones was set to direct, until his commitment to the Warcraft movie ruled out his involvement. However, the project – based on the 2009 biography of Fleming written by Andrew Lycett – is still going. And now Benedict Cumberbatch has been linked with the lead role.

Might never get the Cumberbatch as 007, but this would be pretty dang close.


Are we doing our son a disservice by allowing him to become a deep and engaged reader? Are we raising a child for the 19th century rather than the 21st, training him on the harpsichord for an Auto-Tune world? 

A classic case of a link-bait headline that doesn’t actually make any kind of sense.


The bookshop’s fight-back in the digital age gathers pace. Waterstones is to open its first new store in six years “designed for the 21st century,” which follows news that the growth in ebook sales is set to slow.

Seems like maybe the UK has hit a bottom, and a bounce, in its trajectory of bookstores.


In our survey last year, we found that 7% of online adults ages 18-29 were aware that they had important personal information stolen such as their Social Security Number, credit card or bank account information. The latest survey finds that 15% of young adults have experienced this kind of personal information theft. 


President Bill Clinton’s Eulogy for the Bombing Victims in Oklahoma City, 04/23/1998

Item from Records of the White House Office of Records Management (Clinton Administration). (1993 - 2001)

Today is National Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day. Here are President Bill Clinton’s words as he spoke to the families of the victims. 


Poetry quiz: can you match these first lines to their poem titles? | OxfordWords blog

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